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Sticky Bellies®

Memories Made Simple! Celebrate your baby’s growth by taking a monthly photo, with Sticky Bellies colourful Milestone Stickers that give the appearance of a custom onesie but with the convenience of a removable sticker.  Peel, Stick & Snap a pic! And to help you capture your child’s biggest moments, from their first day of school to high school graduation (and all the milestones in between), Picture Me Proud™ Photo Memory Cards. We made them cute. You make them yours!   Sticky Bellies are also the creators of The Birthday Poster™ and Brag Blocks™.   www.stickybellies.com

More to LOVE about Sticky Bellies


  1. Remove sticker from backing
  2. Apply sticker to shirt
  3. Take pictures...lots of them!
  4. Remove sticker
  5. Share, display and enjoy adorable milestone photos!
  6. Repeat each month
  7. Thank Sticky Bellies® for making your life easier and your pictures cuter!

If your photo shoot doesn’t go exactly as planned, just remove the sticker; place it back on the wax backing, and save it for another (more cooperative) time! Sticky Bellies® stickers are similar to any sticker you would buy - the more you take it on and off, the less sticky it will be. If your child isn’t doing cartwheels or climbing furniture during your photo shoot, the sticker should be in good shape to save and stick in a baby book or scrapbook.

All Sticky Bellies® products have been through extensive safety tasting to ensure they are safe for your baby to wear. Sticky Bellies® stickers are CPSIA compliant and contain NO lead, phthalates, BPA, or other gross stuff that we wouldn’t want near our own children OR yours! Sticky Bellies® stickers are not for use on the skin and should only be applied to clothing.
Stickers should be removed from garment before laundering. Sticky Bellies® stickers and packaging are not for use by children and children should not be left unattended with our product. Stickers are NOT iron-ons and are only for temporary use.

Sticky Bellies® LOVE to help parents capture perfect memories of their growing baby! So much so, that they wrote a blog post with some special tips just for their Sticky Bellies® fans. You can read it here: The Belly Blog.