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Bamboobies® by SOFT Style Inc

Breastfeeding is Beautiful, leaks and lines are not! Bamboobies® designed with heart, by a mother for mothers. Bamboobies® by SOFT Style Inc, bring mothers award-winning, innovative products that are sustainable, organic and support fair trade.

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Boob♥ease Soothing Therapy Pillows


Made with super-soft bamboo rayon velour, bamboo jersey, and flaxseeds – all natural and gel-free. Boob♥ease® Soothing Therapy Pillows with flax seeds combine the softness of bamboobies® nursing pads with warming and cooling relief. Each pillow has one side made out of a thicker super-soft bamboo rayon velour and one side of equally soft thinner bamboo jersey to provide you with different levels of temperature control.


The pillows can be heated in the microwave to soothe clogged ducts and increase milk flow or cooled in the freezer to provide therapeutic cooling to soothe sore new mama nipples and breasts*.


*Pillows can be used to stimulate let-down, reduce swelling and tenderness associated with engorgement, soothe sore nipples, relieve plugged ducts and ease the discomfort of mastitis. Pillows can be used to reduce pumping time and can even be used beyond the breastfeeding years…for sore muscles, headache and toddler bumps and bruises.


Each package includes one pair of Boob-ease® Soothing Therapy Pillows and one FREE PAIR of regular Bamboobies® nursing pads. 


For the original Bamboobies® nursing pads, try Bamboobies® Multi-colour Multi-pack Nursing Pads.

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BbeaseBenefitsContents: 2 Boob-ease® Soothing Therapy Pillows (1 Pair), plus 2 FREE regular Bamboobies® nursing pads (1 pair in Light Pink).

Colour: Cream

Size: One size

Suitable for: Breastfeeding moms

Key Features:

  • THE SOFTEST THERAPEUTIC NURSING PADS on the market – Two sides to choose from for softness and temperature control: Bamboo fleece or Organic Cotton Jersey
  • WARMING AND COOLING THERAPY – Microwave or place in the fridge or freezer to provide temperature activated soothing and comfort for sore, engorged nipples
  • ALL NATURAL, GEL FREE – These are made with all natural bamboo, cotton, and flax seeds to provide you with the highest quality nursing therapy pads possible
  • SUSTAINABLE AND FAIR-TRADE – Made of Bamboo Rayon, Organic Cotton, and Flax Seeds

Want to know more about Bamboobies®, visit www.bamboobies.co.za


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Made from: 67% Oeko-Tex certified Bamoo Viscose, 30% OCIA certified Organic Cotton, 3% Spandex Jersey; Golden Flax Seeds; 100% Oeko-Tex certified Bamboo Rayon Fleece. Imported from: USA Made in: USA from imported fabrics
Care / Washing Instructions: To clean, gently spot clean with a slightly damp cloth and air dry. DO NOT GET WET (immerse or saturate). Do not machine wash or dry. All Therapy Pillows come with a set of Bamboobies® washable nursing pads. Every time you use the pillows, be sure to use the washable nursing pads as leak protection for the pillows.